A purpose driven employer is a prepared employer who is self-aware. Anyone whose purpose is clearly laid out has a good chance of thriving in business because the code of conduct is already spelt out and such can guide the employer into organizing the right circle of people that would be needed to take the job to the next level.


It is difficult to be confused when your goals are clearly laid out as an employer. When you wake up in the morning, you see it clearly. When your staff members resume at work, they read it explicitly and they are guided by the words in it. An employer of purpose is a person of defined status and path. If you have a defined path, everyone who would be brought on board would be people who only align with that core value of the company.


Purpose driven employers do not give things to chance. They do not leave spaces open for eventualities. When things go bad, they do not blame invisible people. The purpose driven employer makes sure that he has competent staff members who are well situated in the appropriate offices. Nothing is left to chance and people are not over-labored.


Employers of purpose are sensitive to the plights of staff members and the working condition of these staff members. They do not patch up things and expect maximum performances from the workers. If three computers are needed at work, they do not buy one and expect miracles to happen. They provide the needed tools and watch their staff members excel.


Purpose Driven Employers are intentional. They are not necessarily people who allow emotions and spontaneity to take the place of calculated risk. Because they are intentional, they ensure that their documentations are right. When your documentations are appropriate, filing for taxes and ensuring the registration to professional bodies do not take time.


A purpose driven leader has an eye for talent because to succeed is one of his purposes. He is not confused and distracted. He is on track and can be seen drawing up meaningful projects and activities that would enhance the growth of his company. Purpose driven employers do not abuse power and staff members because they know that it is against the law.


An employer of purpose can function even without being physically present at his place of work because he has a functional system that is automated with the right people in-charge of affairs and these competent people ensure the smooth running of the business. If you cannot take a moment to take a rest and your company keeps functioning in your absence, then there is a need for a thorough review of what ought to be and how you can ensure that such works.


The purpose driven employer is the one who is always connected to his core values. And because he is connected to these values, he sells it easily to the employees who run with it. When an employee understands a job, he tailors everything around that knowledge and he is bound to succeed.

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