There are no known standards of incentives for humans across boards but maybe it varies according to countries and needs. However, there are few incentives that may be appreciated in Europe as much as it would be appreciated in Africa. Some of these forms of incentives are kindness and acknowledgement of hard work. People love to be seen by whoever they try to impress. Such acknowledgement helps the psychology of the worker.

Employees across the world are alike. Since they are humans, they are motivated by acts of appreciation and kindness. Something has to be placed in front of them for their attention to be within a focus. The reason for the salary and the stipend is to reward work and loyalty. This in turn generates their loyalty to the company and their services are given willfully. This would in turn drive home profit and progress for the company.

Incentives could be a monthly reward for the best staff or the consistent public appreciation of their particular traits of ingenuity or honesty that makes them standout. Today, we shall look at some of the incentives that effectively spur the employee.


Public compliment

Public compliments sell the character of the employee. The people who know them become more proud because an institution has recognized them. Such public compliment can even serve as recommendations whenever they are seeking for new employments.


Financial reward

Financial rewards cannot go into extinction. This is because daily, there are needs and these people would appreciate a helping hand. Cash rewards serve as a fine motivation. It is an incentive that cuts across race and continents. Everyone needs money.


Company tour

Because of bad economies around the world, a lot of people work solely for survival. They have rich bucket list that are never attempted. But if their conducts at work are remarkable, one of the ways to show them reward and kindness could be to take them on a company tour. Some of them haven’t had a group tour since they were pupils in school. A group tour to a tourist attraction or spa may suffice.


Physical gifts / coupons

Physical gifts such as branded products, coupons for shopping and home appliances that may be helpful at home are some of the things that may be considered when incentives are being reviewed. Anything that would show the employee that he or she is appreciated is worth the investment.

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