Your leader is the person whose path you follow. To follow such path is to do it with faith that they are on the right track. And one of such proof of faith in your leader is to show honesty at all times.


State of things

Share the true state of things. If the company’s car is faulty, do not lie to impress your leader. State it with all honesty and maybe that would save the day. Do not say these things by faith and expect them to be fixed by miracles. If your leader does not know the true state of things, they would be misinformed and it would becloud their judgment which will in turn affect whatever decisions they may make and that would affect you in the long run.


Pace of work

Tell your leader the true pace of work. Do not increase or reduce it for whatever reason. The person with the right information about the pace of work would enable the leader to make the right budget. This too would increase trust level. A lot of workers lie about the pace of work and then they struggle to meet up. There are cases where tailors do not share the exact stage of work when they are working. They tell lies and when they disappoint their clients, and people do not patronize them anymore, they begin to feel that someone has bewitched them.


Truth about your health

If you are asthmatic, if your employer or leader knows, he may put up such laws that would ban people from smoking within a certain area. This could save you from unnecessary attacks. Some workers feel too shy to reveal their true state of health. This should not be. It is an offense to hide such crucial information.



There are people who hide their academic qualifications. There are people who struggle to read or write and though they may be easily integrated into the work space and be given a job that befits them, but because they lie and hide, they become incompetent because some of the jobs they are given are things that put a spotlight on their weaknesses.

If your leader knows your weakness and goes ahead to fix you in a place where you have challenges then there is trouble.


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