Crisis Management

Crisis are bound to happen at work places, they are part of the human processes but what sets prepared humans apart from makeshift businessmen is the way crisis are handled. When you panic and raise unnecessary alarm, it becomes detrimental to the people who expect you to manage your crisis without buzz or being in the news.

Crisis management should be a unique and well funded office in all companies. There may not be need to everyday usage of such department but whenever it happens, the company would have been best prepared to handle situations without losing clients or attracting condemnation from members of the public. An African adage says that “the way elders chew on the kola nut makes it seem sweet”. I think the idea is how well the elder manages the bitterness of the kola nut so well even if such bitterness has prestige.


Respond promptly

When a situation occurs, respond promptly. Do not assume that no one would know about it and then bury the energy that could quench the fire before it starts and consumes. The best approach to crisis situation is prompt response.  Nothing spells seriousness more than prompt response to situation that needs it.



When you come across a situation that has gone sour, whether the client is at fault or your company is at fault, the first attempt at managing the crisis is to reduce tension. This reduction of tension can happen with simple apology and prompt explanation of what truly happened. The more these clients see that you are open and humble enough to apologize, the ones that are sensible would pick up from there and own up to their own fault and it would be an even day.


Give alternatives

Some angry clients need quick alternatives. When a clients comes to the workshop of a shoe maker angry because her shoes are bad, and the shoe maker looks at her and gives her an alternative pair of shoes, that process is sweet customer service delivery but it is empathy at work and such can keep the client coming back because they would have noticed that you truly care. Everyone adores a company that cares.


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