Nigeria is a truly passing through fire. And it is doing that with everyone at its back and some of us are closer to the fire more than the leadership of the country. This is because whatever becomes of increment affects the people more than it affects the leadership. When there was naira scarcity, the people who paid more to access the cash were the ordinary people on the street. The bigger people had cash delivered to them in their houses or offices. To survive under the current economic system is to learn to cut your coat according the materials that are available and not the size you think fits you appropriately. What matters during economic crisis is survival. If you are surviving, that’s what is important. You have to survive before you can dream.


Cutting costs

One of the obvious things to do during an economic crisis is to cut costs. If you have a house where friends could come by and eat at will, and they would not make contributions, you have to stop it or let them know what the world says. If your job is not paying anymore and you live in a big house, it may be considerable to choose a smaller house that can be easy to maintain more than a bigger house that would consume more electricity and would require more cleaning and attention. These things can save.


Buying things of quality

The beautiful news about buying things of quality is that they stay with you longer than things of inferior quality. Do not buy more things of less quality because they are cheap. You may have to replace them often and that would drain you financially. If you buy a good shoe, it will serve you longer than ten fake shoes would serve you. And it feels comfortable when you buy things that are original. They say well of your worth and the type of things you value.


Avoiding places that would cost you money

If you are invited to gatherings that would feast on your saving, have the courtesy of informing the people that you may not attend for obvious reasons. And if you dare attend, stay within your budget. Do not decide to become a money-spraying machine just because you came across someone doing the same thing. You do not know how they survive and you should not easily copy their actions. Stick to what suits your pocket.


Taking your own snacks with you

This is an old trick. Sometime when it is obvious that you can’t do without spending, do well to go with your own snacks. This would help you eat more of your own home-cooked meals and save cost. Also, it is not archaic to ration your meals or some of the things that take so much from you. This rationing may make you seem prudent but that is fair so far it saves you.

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