There are truly no defined style and pattern to achieving success in any field. There are only shared experiences that worked for different people and such may work for you. When you read from people who have shared their success stories, it is not safe to copy their action step by step when something entirely different could work for you. However, these are some of the shared tips on what may enable you achieve success as a consultant.


Start small

It is old as time. When you are starting, do not do it like it is a carnival. While it is good to make a loud statement and big entry, it is safer to make lasting and quality impression. It is the good impression that would bring about referral not the size of the empty promise. It is the way people feel in your presence, it is the way they can relate to what you do and the sort of quality it reeks of that would distinguish you from the many other people out there.


Do not over bill

When you are staring, understand that most of the people who are coming to you are doing so because they want to try new things. They may have other people who have been providing consultancy services and if you charge them exorbitantly, they may never come back. They may go on and search for more opportunities but you may not make the list of their options. Do not bill them like your life depends on it. Keep it moderate.


Go for practical things

There are people who are easily hung in the cloud. Their examples and referrals are not practical. When you can, make sure that what you have given to your clients as services are practical things that they would find easy to assimilate.


Maintain a periodic email list

Like I noted earlier, to start, you have to do something others are not doing. One of the ways is to be intentional. This may include keeping a periodic email list where you reach out to people who have walked through your door and who should be updated about price changes and discounts. This helps because they are informed.


Care about your clients

A lot of consultants do not care about their clients the same way they care about the client’s money. They are more fixated on collecting that giving. One of the simple but thoughtful things you can do when starting is to remember the anniversaries of your clients. This makes them feel special. You can send them a card or you can initiate a phone conversation or send small gifts across. This small act of kindness excites the clients and makes them want to keep in touch because the difference is in the small but thoughtful gestures, not loud billboards.

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