Moving your consulting business from the start-up level to the place of competition means that you would have to be ready for the big market and position yourself as someone who isn’t a rookie anymore but one who has studied the system and understands the way of the business world.

To scale up, try some vital acts. I have been able to itemize a couple of them that may be useful. They are not absolute but if you try it, it may spur a lot of ideas for more.

Keep daily records and reach out to consistent clients

Ensure that your records do not come sparingly. Do not keep records whenever your temperament permits it. Keep records because it is the core of your business. And when you keep records, you can tell who your consistent clients are. You can also tell when their patronage drops and you can offer advice or give them a helping hand. Because these things are strategic, aimed and keeping them to you, you may have yourself a lifetime client.

One good client would bring you more

One good dissatisfied customer would cost you so much that you may not recover from. And one good satisfied client may spread your message to the ends of the earth and based on how many persons trust their judgment, you may swim in massive patronage. Always ensure that every costumer is given that required attention that makes them satisfied.  

Explore social media

Social media exists because of moments like this. Sometimes share your defining patronages and testimonial. If they are genuine and traceable and the people see through it, they would naturally locate you.

Get a website

Because you want to move higher, your visibility should be good and automotive. This means that a functioning website would add to all your works. People can easily visit it and take notes from there and solve their own problems.

Take loans if necessary

This may sound odd but if scaling up requires a comfortable place to meet your needs, then you may have to look for a way to fix what would enable you stay visible in the minds of your clients.

Liaise with TV and radio houses

Ensure that you contribute to blogs and explore options in TV and radio for more visibility

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