63 Years of Independence, Growing With Nigeria

Nigeria is older than me but I have been growing old with Nigeria, observing it for the years I have been here.

Nigeria is like an impressive grey haired woman who has gone through a lot and when she speaks, a lot of people listen because there would be wisdom from her lips or something else would come out. I have watched Nigeria and I have seen it struggle, sadly, Nigeria is a complex woman who is aging and may not readily seek help. And that is hugely troubling.

As an entrepreneur, I have seen that the Nigerian project is a difficult one but achievable. I have followed its struggles and where one or two cities have made progress with laws on human rights, a lot of other parts of the country are consumers and stoic. They have refused to utilized resources and opportunities to enlarge their productivity and creative conducive environment for their citizens.

The thing I have learned from Nigeria is to keep going and never allow the weight of painful memories to stop me. And maybe this is the greatest message there is, to always stay on the project and never give up on progress.

Nigeria is a work in progress. It may not take one generation to get it right but the efforts of every generation counts. One generation enabled it get independence. Another generation pushed for its republican status. Our generation is to use technology and real estate to design a system that would enable it standout firmly.

With my company and my staff, the constant effort is to shine from where we are. If we cannot get it right from our small corner, we cannot complain and point fingers at anyone for not getting it right. And if our small efforts yield result, then it would be the best reference materials that we would need to preach the message of ‘all efforts matter’.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria. We will bring home the glory!


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