Easter; The Greatest Love story ever told.

The symbol of Easter would mean different things to different people. To people who have lived their lives as those who support other people, those who made sacrifices for them, this period would translate to something familiar. But if you’ve never made sacrifices for anyone, at any point, you may not treasure the extent of this Easter memorial event.
I have had it fairly in life and I always attribute that fairness to my upbringing. That upbringing includes the selfless love and contributions of my elder sisters and the professors in the university campus where I grew up. Their kindness and selfless nature reminds me that they emulated Christ.

My family is rooted in Christ and the tenets of Christianity. Today, as a Christian, this solemn period of remembering the gift of life by Jesus Christ, the excruciating pain that He endured on the cross and the commitment to the very end teaches a lot of morals. The significance of the death and resurrection of Christ is that we are anew because Jesus made that sacrifice.
As a man whose life has been molded by adhering to the teachings of God, I wish that you would spare a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of Jesus and consider leaving your comfort zone to extend some kindness to other humans.