International Women’s Day 2024

Have you ever imagined what society would look like without women?

Firstly, there won’t be any functional society, just a vast land of crops and animals. There would only be one man roaming the earth, getting tired from work, with little motivation.

The balance in an ideal society is reached when men and women meet and contribute their best. A functional society has a place for men and women, and their respect is enshrined in the laws of the land.

Unfortunately, women have only been treated like second-class citizens in Africa. It is worse in Nigeria. There are fewer women in power, and men discuss health matters about women. We can do better.

As the world comes around celebrating women today, we ought to write in our consciousness that any society that stifles the growth of its women would endure a bleak future.

Aid women, support and love women, and society would be brighter with their smiles.